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Your New Year’s Resolution for 2023

Your New Year’s Resolution for 2023!

NB: This content has explosive swear words.  I am unapologetic of that too!

So you have woken up and its 2023! Congratulations you have managed to scrape through the previous year relatively unscathed and facing the brand spanking new one.  And you have made some serious NY Resolutions that are truly inspiring and you follow them for approximately 36 seconds, and they are somehow forgotten the moment a driver cuts you off on the motorway and you revert back to your old ways as  you flip him the birdie hoping that he can lip read whilst you overtake him at high speed.

So why don’t you break the habit of being your ‘old self’ and start 2023 off with a pin up the arse that really gets results?  Oh and by the way, to get results you need to put some effort in!

Firstly, I am going to ask you a question:

What do you want?
It’s a simple question.  So What do you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want?  If you dig deep down in the murky depths of your old dreams and aspirations that never saw the light of day, what do you really want?

Not what your partner wants, not what your husband or wife wants. Not what your parents want, nor what your kids want, or friends, or work colleagues or boss.  What the Fuck do you Really Want???  Don’t allow your current circumstances stop you from what you really want. What is your burning desire?  What is it that you would like to very much to be or do, even if it is beyond your reach?  Get clear on what you want and write it down, read it and take it all in.  This is your purpose.

Set some goals
Goals are there to help you grow.  Set some goals for 2023 that you wouldn’t normally set.  Something crazy that your old self wouldn’t think of setting.  This is 2023, this is a new you.  Remember the old you is in 2018.  You are worthy of everything the world has to offer, if only you believe that you deserve, and you can do this by starting this mantra every single day. Form the moment you wake up, you say out loud to yourself, when you brush your teeth, when you shower, when you dress yourself, when you are driving to work.  Every action you do you say: “I am Enough” over and over again.

Write down your goals, write personal and professional goals.  Be imaginative, be creative.   Each day look at these goals and take action steps for you to achieve these goals.  It may take some time, and your goals are not going to be achieved overnight, if they are worthy goals they are worth the time and effort that you put into them.  Your main purpose is to enable you to grow, that is what your goals are all about.  Move towards your goals, be single minded about it.  And to set the fire up inside you, place your goal on a post it note, put it on your computer, set a reminder on your phone or calendar, so it will remind you everyday, perhaps even several times a day, so that your mind sees a futuristic picture of you where you have already achieved these goals.  You want to read your goals daily so you don’t lose track of what it is that you really want to achieve because we learn by repetition.

Clean out everything! 
And I mean even those old spices from 2012 or that old bottle of tomato sauce in the back of the fridge that is 10 years out of date! Also any clothing you haven’t worn in the last 12 months no matter how new they are put them in a large garbage bag and donate to those who need it more than you do, and believe me you will make their day!  And you know you don’t need it if you haven’t worn in in a year, trust me, the feeling to cleaning is very empowering and liberating, as you are cleaning the closets of your mind simultaneously.  Start fresh with only the things you want or need.

And on that note, have a wonderful, amazing 2023.  May you achieve and receive all the things that you desire, demand the best for yourself.  Don’t just hope or wish, believe that you are worthy, believe that you have that success you dream about, think about the feeling of having the life that you didn’t think you could have, and BELIEVE IT IS YOURS.  It is your decision to make and your mind is the only thing holding you back.  And the beauty is, that you can always change your mind.

Venetia Van Wijk Von Reuth

Venetia Van Wijk Von Reuth

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Rapid Transformational Therapist. I came across Marisa Peer, believe it or not, quite by accident, and I am delighted and exceptionally honoured to say that I have been trained by the best!