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My Journey

So, you think that you know everyone, hate to tell you, NOT TRUE! Firstly you need to know that we evolve.  We change.  We grow from every experience.

My journey goes way back but I will tell you the recent journey to save time.  I have been a Plant Trainer and Assessor, a Workplace Health and Safety Officer, a CEO of an RTO, a Remedial Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, and currently a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have crammed a lot into my 47 years, every job I have done has been so rewarding, and I am excited about the next 63 years. Yes – I intend to live to ripe young age of 110.

In my early 20’s I wasn’t in this positive headspace.  I had depression that stemmed from the heart attack and rapid health decline of my father who was my Hercules.  This depression snuck into my life at the age of 15 and in my early 20’s after it festered for so long, I decided that life was not worth living.  I had every intention to end it, and I knew how. I went to work as usual, did the same routine and I felt like I was living life watching from the outside.  I felt completely alone and yet looking back I had wonderful friends and family that someone would think I was crazy to feel the way I did.  

Fast forward 20+ years and yes, I am concerned with the mounting numbers of mental health issues & suicide in our society, especially in the civil & construction industry.   I have a yearning inside of me and armed with the tools of my life’s journey and my Clinical Hypnotherapy experience, I will help YOU to understand & overcome YOUR issues, give YOU emotional and mental freedom and above all, GIVE YOU the tools for a lifelong success.  Empowering YOU with this ‘Life Toolbelt’ as I call it, I want to make YOUR life a little easier, to breathe lighter, to feel better and happier.  I want to ensure that YOU are not alone, that no matter how dire the circumstances, YOU have a choice, YOU will make informed decisions about YOUR life, because it is literally in YOUR hands. Truthfully, I want to inspire YOU (Greek meaning of inspire is ‘to breathe life into another, and yes, I am GREEK!) and enable YOU to be the nest that you can be, and it all starts with YOU.

I was personally trained by Marisa Peer in 2017 and that is where my journey became clear to me.   She is known as the best hypnotherapist in the world and she trains her students to be the best in their fields.  I don’t take 10 years to figure out and eliminate a client’s issue, I can do it in 3 sessions because Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT as everyone calls it, is an incredibly results proven modality that gets to the root cause of any issue and removes it permanently, and for anyone who is a sceptic, trust me, I have seen this through my practice and during my training and through all the other Therapist’s around the world.  I know from my clinical work that people don’t think they are enough, I was born and live to change that ‘one life at a time’.

Venetia Van Wijk Von Reuth

Venetia Van Wijk Von Reuth

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Rapid Transformational Therapist. I came across Marisa Peer, believe it or not, quite by accident, and I am delighted and exceptionally honoured to say that I have been trained by the best!