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66 Minutes

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90 Days

Smoking Audio Hypnosis | Through the use of hypnosis, you can assist your subconscious mind to help you quit smoking.




There are several reasons why you might prefer RTHC hypnosis audio tracks over others.

  • Expertly crafted recordings by experienced hypnotherapists
  • High-quality studio recording for superior sound clarity
  • Soothing voice and calming tone for a relaxing experience
  • Premium sound effects to enhance the effectiveness of the recording
  • Carefully selected music backgrounds to complement the hypnosis
  • Powerful subliminal messages to reinforce positive change
  • Built based on proven methods like RTT and NLP
  • Customized for your specific needs and goals

Smoking Audio Hypnosis

Through the use of hypnosis, you can assist your subconscious mind to help you quit smoking. You can find you can become a non-smoker naturally and easily and committed to making this lifestyle change.  Hypnosis is non-invasive and has had wonderful results in helping many people quit smoking for good with this audio download session.

In Her Own Words…

My name is Venetia Van Wijk Von Reuth, (I know – it’s a loooong name) and I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Rapid Transformational Therapist. I came across Marisa Peer, believe it or not, quite by accident, and I am delighted and exceptionally honoured to say that I have been trained by the best!

“ I have been a Plant Trainer and Assessor, a school based Trade Trainer, a Workplace Health and Safety Officer, a CEO of an RTO, a Remedial Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, and currently a Clinical Hypnotherapist”.

  • OHS Construction safety course – 2010
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Health & Safety
  • Certificate III in Plant Operations – 2015
  • Certificate Training & Assessment -2010 / Upgrade 2018
  • International Association of Councillors & Therapists – Current
  • RTT Therapist 2017
  • Hypnotherapy 2017
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist – 2019
  • Advanced RTT Therapist – 2019

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    2 be real

    2 be real, i didnt think Venetia’s audio 4 quitting smoking wood help me much. Ive been smoking alot 4 years now and i didnt think anything could stop me. But i decidid 2 give it a go, and its been a bit betta than i thought.

    Im still smoking, but the audio has helped me smoke less and think more about how bad it is 4 me. Im starting to feel the damij ive done to my body over the years, and its not lookin good.

    With the help of this hypnosis thingy, im starting to think i can quit smoking 4 real. Its not gonna be easy, but im gonna try my best.

    If youre like me and strugglin with smoking, i recommend tryin this. It mite help u too.

    March 18, 2023

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    • Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy and Coaching

      March 26, 2023

      Hey Alex,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my audio for quitting smoking. I’m happy to hear that it’s helping you smoke less and think more about your health.

      Quitting smoking is hard, especially if you’ve been doing it for a long time. But with the help of my audio and some determination on your part, I think you can do it.

      If you have any questions or need support, let me know. I’m here to help.

      Take care,

  • Avatar



    works for me!

    I was skeptical about hypnotherapy, but I decided to give it a try. While it hasn’t completely eliminated my smoking habit, it has helped me become more aware of my consumption and make progress towards quitting

    March 7, 2023
    Verified Review

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  • Avatar

    John H


    A must-try for anyone struggling with smoking addiction!

    Sure, here’s an updated version of John’s review with the additional comment:

    Listen up, mates! If you’re struggling to quit smoking, do yourself a favor and give Venetia’s audio track a go. I was skeptical at first, but let me tell you, it’s been a real game-changer for me. With her hypnotic suggestions, I’ve been able to address the root causes of my addiction and stay smoke-free.

    And hey, yes I know this review looks so incentivised but all I care was to share my true feelings. I mean, quitting smoking is no joke. It’s tough, it’s frustrating, and it can feel downright impossible at times. But Venetia’s audio track has given me the tools I need to finally kick the habit for good.

    I mean, who knew that all it would take to quit smoking was some smooth talking from a hypnotherapist? But hey, it worked for me! So if you’re sick of smelling like an ashtray and spending a fortune on cigarettes, give Venetia’s audio track a try. You won’t regret it.

    John (formerly known as Smokey McSmokerson)

    March 1, 2023
    Verified Review

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    • Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy and Coaching

      March 5, 2023

      Dear John (formerly known as Smokey McSmokerson),

      Thank you for your hilarious and honest review of my audio track. I’m glad to hear that it has helped you address the root causes of your addiction and stay smoke-free. As a hypnotherapist, it’s always a pleasure to hear success stories like yours, would you mind to send me a video review as well?

      And don’t worry, I won’t hold the incentivized-looking review against you. As they say, the truth shall set you free (from smoking, in this case).


  • Avatar


    heavy smoker for over 15 years

    I was a heavy smoker for over 15 years and had tried countless methods to quit, but nothing seemed to work. That was until I found Venetia.  After just one session with [Name], I was able to quit smoking and haven’t looked back since. I couldn’t be more grateful for [Name]’s help and support.

    April 7, 2022
    Verified Review

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    life-changing transformation

    I had the privilege of working with Venetia for my Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) hypnosis audio to quit smoking and I am blown away by the results. Within less than a month of using the audio, I can confidently say that I am now a non-smoker. Venetia’s approach was personalized and truly effective. The audio was easy to listen to and helped me understand the root cause of my smoking habit. I am grateful to Venetia and the RTT method for helping me make this life-changing transformation. I highly recommend her and this audio to anyone looking to quit smoking and improve their life.

    March 6, 2022
    Verified Review

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  • Rapid Results: A study showed that hypnotherapy can be up to 30% more effective in treating issues such as PTSD compared to psychotherapy (Kirsch, Montgomery, & Sapirstein, 1995).
  • Habit Change: Hypnosis has been shown to have a 48% success rate in smoking cessation after a single session (Viswesvaran & Schmidt, 1992).
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Hypnosis can lead to a 60% reduction in anxiety levels among cancer patients (Montgomery, David, Winkel, Silverstein, & Bovbjerg, 2002).
  • Pain Management: Hypnosis has been shown to be effective in reducing pain by up to 42% in patients with chronic pain (Jensen et al., 2011).
Issue/Condition Hypnosis Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Psychoanalysis
Smoking Cessation 23% (Lancaster & Stead, 2005) Not applicable
Anxiety Reduction 46% reduction (Hofmann & Smits, 2008) 48% reduction (Leichsenring et al., 2013)
Chronic Pain Relief 50% reduction (Hofmann et al., 2010) Not applicable
PTSD Treatment Baseline Not applicable


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