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My Hypnosis Downloads have been carefully developed by me with the intention of helping clients with a variety of issues. I aim to deliver quality Hypnosis Downloads that you have access to at any time. Its quick and easy to download them straight to your mobile device as an MP3 audio file so its accessible anywhere at anytime.

My hypnosis audio files engage in a range of specialised techniques common with  hypnotherapy, including the use of trance, regression and hypnotic conditioning and visualisations to reinforce a session’s hypnotic suggestions, to enable you to achieve the greatest benefit from your audio hypnotherapy download.

If you are looking to enhance and change any aspect of your life, I have 16 Hypnosis Downloads that will help rewire you whilst you sleep and more to come that are bound to cover your needs. These powerful hypnosis audios will give you the tools for rapid transformation and growth. I also do Personalised Hypnosis Downloads, that caters to each individuals specific need and is exclusively unique to each client.

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