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Understanding Mental Health and Suicide

Understanding Mental Health and Suicide

Today, more than ever before in human history, we are facing a disconnection epidemic. Did you know that 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health issues this year alone? A few facts: Current surveys revealed that around 60% of people with mental health problems waited over a year to tell the people closest to them that they […]

My Journey

So, you think that you know everyone, hate to tell you, NOT TRUE! Firstly you need to know that we evolve.  We change.  We grow from every experience. My journey goes way back but I will tell you the recent journey to save time.  I have been a Plant Trainer and Assessor, a Workplace Health and […]

My Partners for the Construction Industry

My Partners for the Construction Industry

Partners. RTHC does not actively source sponsorship support for Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention sponsorship if you are in the Construction or Civil Industry employer or individual, and you would like to have Venetia from RTHC deliver a Mental Health Awareness session for your staff or workers free-of-charge, or you would like to help […]

My Gift to you – Life’s Toolkit for Construction Industries

My Gift to you – Life's Toolkit for Construction Industries

Benefits for Construction Companies/Organisations I help Companies & Organisations improve their awareness of Suicide & Mental Health for staff & employees / contractors through a specifically developed two hour program outlining the benefits of how to sustainably transform individuals and organisations from the inside out in order to create meaningful and lasting change.  Organisational mindset governs the choices and behaviours […]

My Gift to you – Life’s Toolkit for Individuals

Life's Toolkit for Individuals

Benefits for Individual Clients Since becoming a hypnotherapist and in conjunction with all my extracurricular studies, I have felt compelled to share this information with my clients to help them transformation and benefits of hypnotherapy.  By using Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) it is exactly what it implies, it is fast acting and permanent.  But above all, […]